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At DJW we consider how we deliver as equally important as what we deliver. As a precision machine shop company we have state of the art equipment, dedicated engineers and fabrication professionals, to consistently produce the highest quality machined metals and plastic fabricated components found anywhere in the fabricating industry. But, machining is only part of what we have to offer. What truly separates us from the crowd is our service. (more)

company highlights

May 2014 - Machining trade show.
We will be presenting our products and services.

History - 2011 we moved to new facility in Arlington Heights
Welcome all our clients and their friends for a tour of our company. Our technicians will explain our production and design department. Stop by for refreshments and coffe.

2010 - company has been approved for ISO-9008
ISO 9008 gives us opportunity to work and pay iso membership! Heh, heh...


Our technical assistance - including engineering design recommendations, assistance with materials selection, prototyping, and more - we can help you produce better quality products and still be sensitive to your budget considerations.

Company growth - for the last 5 years. New equipment, people, general growth

Our personell - all of them have degree or training and necessary experience for taking care even the most difficult tasks.

Antique car and bike parts restauration - any existing or broken part unavailable on the market can ber restored to the original condition according to product exact specification.

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